A day of FUN and CREATIVITY!  

Did you get excited and want to

start working with Paverpol?

Our one-day classes are set up to learn

to make a figurine or object with

Paverpol from start to finish!

This will set you on the path of making more

unique figures with the help of a teacher.


Paverpol Basic Workshop

 9am to 4pm

Paverpol Basic Sculpture

Learn the basic techniques needed to construct a sculpture.

You will be amazed how a simple wires frame and

a few pieces of fabric can give such dramatic results.

 Participants will complete a small sitting sculpture

of their very own by the end of the workshop.

Cost of this basic class is $110

To book a spot contact me.

Space is limited

Workshops are held in

Kemptville, Ontario

Book a date, bring friends and attend

a Paverpol Basic Workshop

For dates Go to Events