About Paverpol

Paverpol is a remakable new sculpture medium from Holland. This environmentally friendly, water-based hardener is non-toxic and harmless to people, plants and animals.
Since Paverpol is made to cure rock-hard, sculptures and statues are weather resistant after hardening, and can withstand snow, frost, wind, rain and sun.

Paverpol is easy to work with. It adheres to almost all materials, except plastic. Simply dip your materials in Paverpol and drape it around a wire form or other armature and let it dry.

Paverpol is fast drying, but allows plenty of time to sculpt and mould your design. This unique feature makes it possible for your sculpture to be finished in our one day workshop. 

When your design is complete, simply wash your hands and tools in warm water. No gloves or chemicals are required. Once your sculpture has hardened, you are left with a beautiful design which can be displayed indoors or outdoors

Amaze your family and friends with a unique sculpture!

Contact me by email: cre8paverpol@gmail.com